Wheat Allergy Symptoms

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Wheat Allergy Symptoms. Read about Wheat Allergy Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

What is Wheat Allergy

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Wheat Allergy – What is Wheat Allergy?

Common among young children, wheat allergy refers to the allergic reaction of the Immune System to some wheat proteins.  In adults, it is a rare occurrence and even then, the symptoms are different than those of children.  The symptoms could be hives, nausea or some other life-threatening symptom in extremely rare cases. The only treatment is a complete avoidance of the intake of wheat. Of course, if consumed by mistake or by accident, medications are available that can stop the allergic reactions. Read about Wheat Allergy Symptoms.

Wheat Allergy and Celiac Disease are two different types of diseases and should not be confused.  In the case of wheat intolerance, the changes take place within the body while in wheat allergies, the symptoms are seen outside the body. Wheat intolerance is different from wheat allergies.  The former is mainly due to heredity while in the latter case, it may not be the case necessarily.  In comparison, wheat allergy is a rare case and as stated above, the best way to prevent it is by avoiding this type of cereal completely.

Read about Wheat Allergy Symptoms and Wheat Allergy Symptoms in Adults

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